The Devilrock Four are a rock’n’roll band who live up to the promises set down way back in the fifties; energy, attitude, honesty, love, and most importantly, talent. Informed by the past, they draw on their influences – mostly classic ‘70s and ‘80s acts like Thin Lizzy and The Cult – as a foundation for a contemporary and clever take on the twin guitar template.

The Devilrock Four imprint was created in Tasmania in 2005: A confluence of four guys who knew each other through other bands and shared gigs, and who wanted to take bigger steps and attack larger challenges in an industry which can be cruel and indifferent to talent and often rewards anything that will sell. They weren’t fazed.

The band moved to Melbourne ASAP and through the quality of their scorching live performances rapidly gained a reputation as a class act. At the end of that year the group were voted ‘act of the year’ by two of the cities more major venues; The Duke Of Windsor and The Green Room.

There were two Devilrock Four releases in 2006. Both were EPs boasting six tracks apiece and both sold out in no time. Respected Melbourne rock writer Jeff Jenkins wrote; “You know the Devilrock Four can cut it live but can they deliver on disc? Ooh yeah! Who will be the next Aussie rock band to conquer the charts? The Devilrock Four are serious contenders”.

The band’s debut album, First In Line, was recorded at Birdland in Melbourne by Matt Voight whose CV includes a recording of Kiss with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The record is warm and tuneful without losing any of the menace which drives many of the band’s songs.

First In Line is confirmation, celebration and justification that rock remains a timeless joy.

The first single from the album, “Don’t Throw It Away” features a couple of extra tracks, one of which is Show Me Your Moves, an epic song which will be re-released soon.

2007 was a mad scramble. There was the Southern Roots festival in Hobart where the band played alongside The Vines, The Pixies and Wolfmother, and then a relentless criss-crossing of the nation on double bills with Airbourne and Dallas Crane, and more recently Rose Tattoo and The Hitmen. The band embarked on their own national tour shortly after, with buddies Hell City Glamours. The latter got together with the Four to release a 7” split vinyl single with a song from both bands on either side.

And with the respect they hold for Bon Scott who better than the Devilrock Four to play with The Angels at Melbourne’s famous Cherry Bar to raise money for a statue of Bon?

Carl and Jonno split the song-writing and as with all primo bands, they compliment one another and keep the standard high by arguing and staying in competition. Jonno wrote “Dress You Down”, No Friend Of Mine”, “One Good Reason”, – Carl “New Day Coming the sell-out single “Don’t Throw It Away” and the epic closer “Love Is Blind”
Both guys are finessed at writing tunes, which are too often absent from hard rock.

Much more has happened to The Devilrock Four over the past eighteen months. The band toured Britain and Spain and were immediately signed by German record company Unconform. The LP has been recently released throughout Europe. While away the group also signed on with Indevent management for Europe and the U.S.

They have already appeared on two Scandinavian compilation CDs, one a tribute to legendary Australian ‘70s group Radio Birdman. And their songs have also been part of the soundtrack to many television programs including Bondi Rescue, Big Brother, Canal Road and Guerilla Gardners, although the members of the group claim to have never watched any of them.

Touring has now been curtailed while the group prepare to record their second album, again with Matt Voigt at the helm. In just five years The Devilrock Four have played over 270 gigs, and with the new decade beckoning the band are yet to hit the peak. When they do they are liable to solidify their place as one of the country’s best new acts.

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