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Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
Past show archive
Venue Date City Time Map
The Reverence Hotel12th Aug 2017Footscray9:00pmMap
Cherry Bar29th Oct 2016Melbourne, VIC9:30pmMap
Bendigo Hotel19th Oct 2013Collingwood, Victoria8:00pmMap
St. Kilda Bowls Club12th Oct 2013St. Kilda, Victoria8:00pmMap
The Pizza Pub14th Sep 2013Launceston, Tasmania8:00pmMap
Worldsend Hotel10th Aug 2013Adelaide, South Australia8:00pmMap
The Public Bar22nd Jun 2013North Melbourne, Victoria8:00pmMap
Spectrum21st Jun 2013Sydney, NSW8:00pmMap
Cherry Bar25th May 2013Melbourne, VIC9:00pmMap
Cherry Bar18th May 2013Melbourne, VIC8:00pmMap
The Yarraville Club09th Feb 2013Yarraville, Victoria8:00pmMap
Town Hall Hotel01st Sep 2012North Melbourne, Victoria8:00pmMap
Cherry Bar13th Nov 2011Melbourne, VIC8:00pmMap
Cherry Bar12th Nov 2011Melbourne, VIC8:00pmMap
The Palace30th Jul 2011Melbourne, Victoria8:00pmMap
Town Hall Hotel10th Jun 2011North Melbourne, Victoria8:00pmMap
John Curtin Hotel30th Apr 2011Carlton, Victoria8:00pmMap
Cherry Bar05th Mar 2011Melbourne, VIC10:00pmMap
The Prague12th Feb 2011Thornbury, VIC9:30pmMap
The Old Bar04th Feb 2011Fitzroy, VIC11:00pmMap
Cherry Bar20th Nov 2010Melbourne, VICTBCMap
The Tote24th Oct 2010Collingwood, VIC4:00pmMap
Pony19th Jun 2010Melbourne, VIC8:00pmMap
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    Sorry, there aren’t any upcoming gigs right now. Check back soon!
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